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Be careful what you say and protect your life. A careless talker destroys himself. Proverbs 13:3GNT

I want to ask, when God wanted to create the heaven’s and the earth, Did He went for a club hammer or a bulldozer for it? Emphatically No! God didn’t used any tool that man Can ever imagine Of. But He used a special tool that many are not taking into consideration in our generation.

And that was “WORDS”. God used His WORDS to create the heaven’s. He speak forth words and things came into existence. God never use any other tool to form the earth we are on than His words. Hey! Words are very powerful. Wise use of it will provide and produce a tangible and incredible results.

Many don’t know this, they just speak words and make unnecessary comments and confessions out of ignorance which in the long run affect them negatively. The sad news is, they will therefore end up blaming the devil( whom Jesus defeated 2017years ago for us) for being responsible for their failures and unsuccessfulness .
King Solomon who knew how powerful words are said;

Be careful what you say and protect your life. A CARELESS TALKER DESTROYS HIMSELF. Proverbs 13:3GNT

Did you see that? He made it clear! A CARELESS TALKER DESTROYS HIMSELF! Anyone who speak Just because He/she feels like speaking ends up speaking and talking nonsense which will affect Him/her later. Solomon said, He destroyed Himself! Wow, it means demons have nothing with your destruction. Its your own words and confessions that has brought those calamities on you not a demon. Everything that God spoke out during creation came into existence, meaning anything that we will say and speak forth will actually come to pass, whether it’s a positive confession or negative. It will surely manifest. Be watchful of your words in this new month and year.. The wise man wrote again,

You will have to live with the consequences of everything you say. WHAT YOU SAY CAN PRESERVE LIFE OR DESTROY IT; so you must accept the consequences of your words. proverbs 18:20-21GNT

Did you just read that? Watch your words! For you will live from and by your words. The God that we serve created these whole and wonderful universe By His words, which means we can also create our environment through our words. Majority are living in negative “environment” because they speak forth negative words and make negative confessions. Stop blaming the devil..


Let’s delve deeper tomorrow

Further reading

If you want to stay out of trouble, be careful what you say. Proverbs 21:23 GNT

Lord Jesus, I thank you for opening my eyes through the holy spirit to know the truth about the power invested in my words. Amen

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Your words, your world

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