You Are Part Of Where Ghana Is Now- Moses Coleman Writes


Yes, You are part of Ghana’s Current Position! Stop asking what have we achieved as a Nation in the past 66 years of Independence.

It might be true we have nothing to boast of but remember you are part of such a pity’!

The betterment of Ghana doesn’t rely on the Shoulders of a few people, but All!

If you should have played your part well, and I do the same, I don’t think we would have been where we are today!

Play Your Part Well

You keep blaming the ‘Government’ and other Official Appointees as Men ‘collapsing’ the Nation forgetting you bought a Mobile Phone at Gh¢1,200( Tax Inclusive), but selling it at Gh¢ 2,500 to a fellow! Isn’t that a cheat and the ‘real collapse of the Nation? Shame on you for calling that a Business! It’s Fraud! Stop blaming the ‘Government’ and amend your ways!

You are willing to offer money to anyone if only your ward would gain admission to the school of his choice whereas you know he doesn’t qualify!

Are you not part of where we are today? But look at you arrogantly shouting what can we boast of as a Nation in these 66 years? Well, the Nation can boast of having people corrupt like you! If you can change, Ghana Will Change!

And you, you have employed people but have refused to pay them what is due them, how can they work wholeheartedly for the advancement of the company(Nation)? Stop shouting the youths of this generation are lazy, they are not… You are making them so! Give them what is due them!

You have a mandate

Ghana is for us! We have the mandate to make it better in our small ways. Yes! Make where you are better and the entire Nation shall be Heaven for All!

Listen to What Jeremiah Said;

Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; FOR IN ITS WELFARE YOU WILL HAVE WELFARE.' Jeremiah 29:7

If we don’t have the welfare of this Nation at heart, the Nation will also not have our welfare at heart.

Arise O Citizens of Ghana! The Nation Demands Our Devotion!
Let us All Unite and uphold Her and Make Her Great and Strong! We are All involved in Building Our Mother Land!!!

Happy Independence Day

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