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Yendi Health Assistance Training School Suspends First-Year Students for Examination Malpractice


On a dreary note, the Yendi Health Assistance Training School located in the Northern Region of Ghana, has suspended about 20 first-year students on grounds of examination malpractice.

This worrisome revelation was made after an inquiry was conducted by the academic board of the school during their concluded first-semester examination.

According to the decision of the academic board, the duration of their suspension ranges from a month to a year depending on the gravity of their offense. To serve as a deterrent, the two teachers found to have instigated the malpractice have been expelled from the school as well.

Although the affected students have been given some window for appeal, a few of them have already communicated their appeals to the appropriate authorities.

A student who spoke on grounds of anonymity claimed she has been suspended for two months. She passionately appealed to the school authorities to be lenient in their punishment as it would affect her studies if the suspension duration is not reviewed.

The school authorities have appealed to students to always stick to academic ethics and be honest in all academic pursuits. This admonition is geared towards inculcating a culture of academic excellence and honesty among students.

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