Without an End of Semester Examination, Level 200 students of CoE affiliated to UEW Goes Home Today


Level 200 students of Colleges of Education affiliated to the University of Education, UEW goes on vacation today, 9th December 2022 without writing their End-of-semester examination.

According to the proposed calendar from the University before the commencement of the Semester, they were to have begun their end-of-semester examination on Wednesday, 30th November through to 10th December 2022.

This never came to fruition due to CETAG’s strike.

UEW as a result of the strike and the contact hours lost by trainees issued a communique suspending all examinations until further notice.

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Just In: Level 200 end-of-semester examination suspended until further notice

As it stands now, there is no official release from UEW directing students as to when they would be writing their end-of-semester examination.

This has left the Level 200 trainees no alternative but to go home today, as according to the earlier proposed calendar from UEW it is their vacation Date.

They cannot continue staying on their various campuses unless they want to fend for themselves. No Principal will be willing to fend them off as their “feeding period” elapses today.

Currently, it is left with level 300 students on campus. They also don’t know their fate as to whether they would be writing the end-of-semester exams or not. They have also lost almost six(6) weeks of contact hours already.

They are expected to commence their end of the semester on Monday, 19th December to Friday, 23rd December 2022. This too can’t be possible as there are no signs from the mentoring University and CETAG calling off their strike soon.

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