What to Do When Facing “Insufficient Balance” During College of Education Application Process


Applying to colleges can be a daunting task, but it becomes even more frustrating when you encounter technical difficulties such as the message of insufficient balance.

As an applicant, you might assume that the problem is with the voucher you purchased, but that is not always the case.

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This article discusses what to do when you encounter the insufficient balance message in your college application process.

Understanding the Root of the Problem:

The message of insufficient balance is a common issue in the college application process.

However, it is often caused by technical glitches on the website, especially with the CoE Portal that is connected to the WAEC Results data base.

The ‘bundle’ responsible for providing access to the applicant’s results at WAEC sometimes gets exhausted, causing the insufficient balance message to appear.

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What to Do When You Encounter the Insufficient Balance Message:

If you encounter the insufficient balance message, it is crucial to remain calm and not panic.

Your first step should be to stop and save your application, and come back to it when the system is restored.

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Alternatively, you can choose to quit and start the process later when the system is up and running again.

It is important to note that the system restoration process might take a day, week, or more, so it’s essential to exercise patience and not rush the process.

Maximizing Your Time:

While waiting for the system restoration, it is essential to make good use of your time.

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Instead of worrying about the application process, you can take the opportunity to research the colleges of education you are interested in and explore their admission requirements.

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