‘We have not seen our previous results, so why another examination?’ – Teacher trainees lament


“Matters are not getting any better in colleges of education as their rights are trampled upon. Why should our affiliate universities be thinking of an end-of-semester examination whereas the results for those we wrote earlier are still in their custody”, a trainee told Coleman Publications

Amidst the ongoing strike by CETAG and the ‘hunger’ in colleges of education, some affiliated Universities seem unconcern as all they wish for is for trainees to write their end-of-the-semester examinations.

“Trainees have not done much this semester, no need to write an end-of-semester examination.” a trainee said.

“We’ve not even gotten to half of the course content and you’re out singing this song. PRINCOF is corrupt! They’re politicizing this against CETAG and it’s the work of the devil.

I don’t believe we have Satan in Ghana. Our leaders are more dangerous and destructive than the Satan the Bible talks about”, another trainee fires.

It should be noted that the industrial strike by CETAG has reduced the contact hours of trainees to barely one week or two which falls short of assessment principles in education.

And Per the course manual, every course tutor must fulfill about 85% to 90% of the course outline before a summative assessment could be carried out.

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This means that, for trainees to write end-of-semester exams is inconsistent with the assessment principle in education.

Again, the best the institute must do now is to release students’ results and push their examinations to January 2023.

Moreover, the institutes must withdraw their plan of organizing an end-of-semester examination and ask the government to respond to the request of CETAG.

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