Updates about CoE Admissions and Reporting Date for Level 100 students


The 2022/2023 admissions list should have been released by now but it is not. The delay is attributed to the government’s inability to satisfy the due demands of CETAG.

The government’s refusal to pay attention to the needs of CETAG tends to change freshers’ reporting to campus and the release of the admission lists.

Applicant should note the admission date has now been withheld and waiting for the government’s response on the need for CETAG.

This sounds to reasoning until the proposal sent by CETAG is given the needed attention by the government, the admission roadmap will be distantly distorted, and the 2022/2023 academic year will also be either pushed forward or packed for a few weeks to meet the initial semester scheduled plans.

Level 100’s Reporting Date.

Per information gathered by Coleman Publications, the ‘incoming level 200s’ will report with the freshers.

The delay in releasing the admission lists will delay their reporting as well.

As it stands now, there is no specific date out for their reporting.

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