TTAG Addresses Feeding and Allowance Issues for Teacher Trainees

The TTAG National President, Jephthah Nana Kwame, and the Association's Logo
The TTAG National President, Jephthah Nana Kwame, and the Association's Logo

The Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) has released an official communication regarding issues related to feeding component and students’ allowance for trainees across public Colleges of Education.

Warm Regards to All Trainees:

The TTAG leadership wishes to extend warm regards to all teacher trainees across public Colleges of Education. The National Executive Council of TTAG is determined to serve the best interests of teacher trainees and provide them with important updates, according to its commitment to true service.

Updates on Allowance Disbursement:

The TTAG has informed trainees and drawn their attention to the disbursement of allowance. The council has highlighted that plans are underway, however, some students still have not submitted their allowance details. The council reminds those affected to submit the accurate details through the Students’ Representative Council System (SRCS) to ensure the processing of the allowance.

Addressing Specific Situations:

Moreover, TTAG has clarified two specific situations with regards to the allowance. Firstly, trainees who have not received their allowance since their admission to college, and secondly, those who have previously received their allowance but are no longer receiving it.

TTAG advises students in these categories to approach their respective SRC Presidents for assistance in submitting the necessary information required for processing the allowance. This will facilitate the processing and disbursement of the allowance.

Updates on Level 400 Teaching Practicum Fee:

TTAG has informed Level 400 Trainees that a petition has been submitted to the Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) regarding the reconsideration of the amount allotted for the Teaching Practicum specifically for Level 400 students. However, despite this, it requests all Level 400 Trainees to be patient as they await feedback regarding this matter.

The association has assured all trainees that it will keep them informed of any further developments related to allowance and feeding components.

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10 months ago

What of those who couldn’t received their level 100s own?
But now receiving it are they going to get those ones?