Try: Sample Questions on Introduction To Science II For Level 100 Trainees

  1. a. State five features each of arterial and venous bleeding.
    b. Mr Kumatse has a first aid kit which helps him to provide immediate assistance to a sick or injured person before the casualty is taken to the hospital. Identify one function of each of the following items found in Mr. Kumatse’s first aid kit.
    i. Alcohol-Free Wipe
    ii. Pads
    iii. Tweezers
    iv. Tape
    v. Masks
    c. Outline five attributes of an intermediate technology.
  2. a. Explain three characteristics of a portfolio.
    b. Identify four features of a traditional technology.
    c. Describe how each one of the following body’s defense mechanisms helps to prevent the evasion or growth of pathogens.
    i. Skin
    ii. Mucous membranes
    iii. Sweat, Saliva and Tears
    iv. Stomach acid
    v. Phagocytic white blood cells.
  3. a. Describe Malaria based on the following sub-headings;
    i. Causative agent
    ii. Mode of transmission
    iii. Clinical symptoms
    iv. Control/prevention (any three)
    b. Mention three general signs of a fracture.
    c. Give four differences between renewable and non-renewable energy.
    d. Explain Potential and Kinetic energy.
    e. A body of mass 500g moves with a velocity of 3m/s. Calculate the kinetic energy of the body.
    f. State the energy transformation/conservation in the following:
    i. A mango falling from a tree.
    ii. Switching on a T.V set to listen to news.
  4. a. Explain four ways energy is conserved to meet our daily needs.
    b. Explain the functions of the following component in an electronic device.
    i. Resistor
    ii. Capacitor
    iii. Diode
    iv. Inductor
    c. When three capacitors of 3F, 2F and 4F are connected in series, find the total capacitance of the capacitors.
    d. Represent the components mention in Q2(b) in a simple electronic circuit.
  5. a. List the 3 types of industry.
    b. Mention six factors that affect the location of an industry in Ghana.
    c. Differentiate between traditional and modern technology
    d. What is green-house effect?
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