Three Opoku Ware SHS final year students arrested for robbery


Three final-year Opuku Ware SHS students have been arrested for their involvement in a robbery attack.

The students, aged 17 to 19, were said to have taken a taxi from Santansi to Golden Tulip around 11:30 p.m.

When the driver arrived at Golden Tulip, they informed him that they were going to Rotary Park and that he should proceed to that location. While they were on their way, one of the students pulled out a knife and attacked the taxi driver from behind.

During their struggle, the taxi driver kept moving his car, resulting in a crash in Vienna.

Some nearby residents assumed it was an accident, but the driver quickly stated that he was being attacked by the boys.

Two of the perpetrators were apprehended and taken to the police station.

The third, however, was arrested later by police after further questioning.

“As of now, there are three people with the police, and they will be arraigned in court,” UTV Ashanti correspondent said.

Click to watch the video;

three Opoku ware Shs students arrested for robbery
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