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There is no such place as Heaven – Ajagurajah


Prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah and the spiritual leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach, the Ajagurajah Movement, has caused a stir with his recent statements about the concept of heaven.

During an appearance on the popular Ghanaian television show, United Showbiz, he boldly contended that there is no such place as heaven, but instead a realm known as Paradise reserved for the chosen people of God.

Ajagurajah referred to the passage in Ecclesiastes 9:10 and interpreted it to mean that there is no afterlife destination such as heaven, but rather, one should work hard and make the most of life with intellect and wisdom.

The prophet also posed a challenging question, asking where Abraham went when he died, implying that the popular notion of ascending to heaven after death may not align with biblical teachings.

According to Ajagurajah’s beliefs, God has prepared a place called Paradise, where his chosen people will spend eternity in eternal life. He cited the advancement of modern society, with inventors and builders constantly making progress and innovations.

The spiritual leader also observed that only those who lacked material wealth still clung to the belief of heaven, while the rest embraced the concept of Paradise.

Ajagurajah’s provocative statements have sparked intense discussions and reactions from the public. Some have expressed surprise and curiosity about his alternative perspective, while others have maintained their faith in the existence of heaven.

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