TTAG WEC Sector Organizes a Day Leadership Workshop for over 100 SRC Executives


The Western and Central (WEC) Sector of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana, TTAG, under the auspices of the Vice President of the sector, Gideon Duku Mensah, and the Dept. Secretary, Owusu Ansah Godfred has organized a Day of Leadership training for SRC Executives at Enchi College of Education.

The program which was held at the Enchi College of Education’s Auditorium on the 27th of August 2022, is geared toward inculcating leadership skills in the newly elected SRC Executives for the College.

This is to enable them to become more optimistic as leaders and find new ways of impacting the people they lead.

The program dubbed; ‘Sharpening your skills for effective leadership,” according to the Vice President, Gideon Duku Mensah, is a pilot study that will soon be extended to the other six colleges within the sector.

WEC- Sector Vice President, Gideon Duku Mensah

The program was adequately attended by 110 students including the newly elected SRC Executives, Various course Representatives from level hundred and two hundred, and some student teachers in the college

The WEC-Sector Coordinator, Benneh Nannette graced the program and conveyed a fraternal message on behalf of the entire fraternity of the Sector Officers to the participants.

In his submission, Lawyer Ben Anjewa Essuman, a Member of the Ghana Bar Association instructed the participants to cultivate positive relationships as leaders. Adding that, a good leader must have good listening skills.

“Cultivate decent relationships as a leader. And develop good listening skills; Lawyer Essuman asserted.

He further opined that every good leader must have enemies. Embellishing enemies are the very people that help a leader excel.

He concluded by urging participants to ensure transparency and develop critical thinking skills. Explaining that, every leader must reason before talking.

In his address, Counselor Daniel Fenyi, a member of the Ghana National Association of Certified Counselors expressed that leadership comes with a lot of sacrifices, and anyone who is not ready to ‘sacrifice’ is not ready for leadership.

” Don’t be a normal leader who is just passing through, be ready to sacrifice”- Counsellor posits.

Daniel Fenyi continued, “if there is no problem, there is no need for a leader, and if you don’t see a problem around you as a leader, then you are the problem”

He further encouraged the participants to see difficulties as ways to do more as leaders.

In conclusion, Counselor Daniel Fenyi awakened the participants that, Leadership is a spotlight that can either make them become stars or exposes their dirt, hence the need to stay genuine.

The Vice Principal for Enchi College of Education, Mr. Emmanuel Adom Eshun after sharing his mastery and leadership experiences with the participants applauded the sector for the Wonderful initiative taken.

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