The SRC President of Atebubu College of Education Rusticated


The Disciplinary Committee of Atebubu College of Education has rusticated Atatogra Peter Kafari Dickson, their SRC President for one academic year with immediate effect.

According to reports, Peter Kafari Dickson on 1st December 2022 led the Level 300 students to boycott their Mid-Semester Examination which was in session, causing the examinees to destroy all examination materials handed over to them for the examination.

Charges against Atatogra Peter Kafari Dickson

Found as the brain behind the incident, Peter was invited to face the College Disciplinary Committee on 21st December 2022 on the following charges;

  1. Behavior that disrupts the regular activities of the College, specifically:
    i. leading to an unauthorized protest, demonstration, and vandalism;
    ii. Leading and inciting students to disrupt scheduled examinations;
    iii. disorderly conduct
    iv. disruption of College activities through direct loud and disturbing speech.
  2. Flouting College authority by disregarding examination center supervisors and invigilators to enter an examination hall to make an unauthorized announcement to disperse examinees while the examination was ongoing
  3. Dishonesty resulting from the claim that either the College SRC and/or the Teacher Trainees’ Association Of Ghana (TTAG) had formally written or communicated to the Principal and/or
    the University to Cape Coast before his action that students should or would not sit for the Mid-Semester examinations,
  4. Lastly, for Bringing the name of the College into disrepute.

Suspension of Atatogra Peter Kafari Dickson

Information reaching Coleman Publications reveals the Disciplinary Committee per their investigations and reports submitted has recommended the suspension of the SRC President for one academic year.

The letter Served Peter on 17th January 2023 discloses the Committee’s recommendations were supported by the College Principal.

Atatogra Peter Kafari Dickson is expected to resume his final year work(Level 400) in the 2023/2024 academic year with the following attached conditions;

  1. Permitted to take part in the Level 300 students remaining end-of-semester examinations to complete the Level 300 course. However, he would not be
    posted/allowed to participate in the upcoming Macro Teaching until next year.
  2. He would be required to sign a bond of good behavior upon his resumption
  3. He would be required to avail himself to be counseled on leadership qualities upon his resumption.
  4. Peter would also be required to pay his student fees in full before being registered to continue with his program.
  5. Lastly, His student allowances shall not be paid for the period he will be serving the punishment

Your input:

Remember, CETAG was then on strike and he was representing the voice of his people! Do you think the decision by the College was fair?

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10 months ago

What a nonsense punishment 😡