Shama District Health Directorate Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Doubled With Breast Cancer Screening and Examination


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.

On Monday, 17th October 2022, The Shama District Health Directorate launched an awareness campaign to highlight the significance of early detection of Breast cancer and prevention methods, at Inchaban, New Market.

Held under the catchphrase “Early detection saves lives”, the campaign was launched in collaboration with the Honorable Member of Parliament for the shama Constituency, Honorable Samuel Erickson Abakah to mark international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed in October.


The event started with an early morning float through the predominant streets of inchaban to create awareness and invite individuals to attend. With placards disseminating vital messages about breast cancer, nurses also chanced the moment to educate people met on the need for breast cancer screening and examination.

Honorable Samuel Erickson Abakah’s Address

In his address, the Honorable Member of Parliament, Samuel Erickson Abakah accentuated that the campaign is primarily meant to apprise members and individuals about the dangers associated with breast cancer, how to detect it early as well as the procedures one can pursue when symptoms appear.

Adding that, all these are efforts to help build a community that is conscious of the jeopardies of the disease, and how one can ensure the breast is always given the best therapy and care.

“Breast cancer can ruin a family, it can ruin your business and finance, breast cancer kills, but early detections saves lives. ” Hon. Samuel Abakah expressed.

He touted the Shama District Health Directorate for their yeoman work in the District. Adding that, He feels proud to sponsor the event.

“I am pleased and proud of the Health Directorate for always ensuring the health and welfare of people in the District is at its pinnacle. And I am happy to sponsor this program which is proceeding to save a life.” – Hon. Samuel Erickson Abakah posits.

The District Chief Executive Officer for Shama, Honorable Ebenezer Dadzie

For his part, Honorable Ebenezer Dadzie, the District Chief Executive Officer for Shama, ascribed that the campaign is similarly meant to educate and improve knowledge, change attitudes, and promote the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Mr. Ebenezer Dadzie admonished the general populace to make use of the free screening section conducted by the Health Directorate to ensure they are free and safe from breast cancer as early detection of it saves lives.

“it is October and it is breast cancer month. Let us take good care of our breasts and let us make use of the screening and examination that would be conducted by our nurses. I implore you all to get examined as early detection is the only way to save your life”, Honorable Ebenezer Dadzie concluded

The District Director of Health Services, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine

The District Director of Health Services, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine underscored that Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases and a leading cause of death worldwide, hence the need to launch the campaign.

The Director pledged the Directorate will do everything feasible to knock out breast cancer in the district.

“Through this campaign, we look forward to increasing breast cancer early detection and providing patients with comprehensive care. That is, those who will go on to receive a positive diagnosis will be offered treatment at the Hospitals. And Supportive counseling will also be rendered”. Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine elucidated.

She added that the directorate has designated two additional locations to conduct the screening and examination as part of efforts to improve early detection. These are the Beposo and Assorko Communities on the 18th and 20th of October respectively.

The Director positioned that, it is not only breast cancer screening and examination they are conducting but eye screening, STDs Testing, and checking of Blood Pressure are all inclusive.

“it is not only breast cancer screening we are having even though that is our focus. we are also having eye screening, STDs Testing, and checking of Blood Pressure. And all these are for free” she stated

On the Awareness front

On the awareness front, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine stated the directorate would continue to share information posts on social media platforms, blogs, and on the radio to emphasize the importance of early breast cancer screening and offer prevention advice.

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