Shama District Health Directorate Successfully Conducts Round One of Polio Immunization Campaign


The Shama District Health Directorate has completed the first round of its scheduled Polio vaccination campaign in the district.

The house-to-house campaign by health professionals and trained volunteers ensured eligible children under five (5) years in the district were vaccinated against the polio virus.

This response vaccination campaign became necessary after the country confirmed the outbreak of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) and the subsequent declaration of public health emergency of national concern by the Ministry of Health.

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The first phase of the response, which covered the entire communities and villages in the district was conducted from 1st to 4th September 2022.

Speaking with Coleman Publications, The District Director of Health Services, Madam Judith Naa Deide Okine lauded the 73 mobilizers and the health professionals who took part in the campaign for the yeoman’s work. Augmenting that, The district was able to attain its 100% target given to them by Ghana Health Service.

“The campaign was successful as the public was receptive because they were assured, of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine to protect their children from the disabling and potentially pernicious poliovirus”, she expressed.

Madam Okine added that their success was a result of the intensive media engagement including the Community Information Centers(CIC), a house-to-house campaign by the social mobilizers, training sessions held, and their engagement with major stakeholders in the District.

she, however, concluded by encouraging all stakeholders to always support the Health Directorate in ensuring that children in the district receive all life-saving interventions and are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Adding her voice, The District Health Promotion Officer, Madam Abiba Abdul Rashid substantiated that, the trained Immunization teams moved from house to house and immunized all children from birth to five years against polio.

The District Health Promotion Officer, Madam Abiba Abdul Rashid

“It wasn’t only the immunization that the teams did. The teams also delivered key messages on improved personal hygiene and good sanitation practices, child welfare clinic (CWC) attendance, and adherence to COVID safety protocols by caregivers”, Madam Abiba told Coleman Publications

She added, that the campaign also offered an opportunity for active case searches for acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) cases to further strengthen the sensitivity of the surveillance system.

She hinted the second round of the campaign will be conducted in October.

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