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The Risky Business of Gambling: How Angel Obinim’s Junior Pastor Lost GHc600 Million on a Bet


The prevalence of gambling has been a cause of concern for many, with its devastating impact on individuals and society at large.

Recently, a junior pastor of Bishop Daniel Obinim reportedly used an enormous sum of GHc600,000 from his company’s funds to stake a bet.

In a video that has since gone viral, Bishop Obinim was seen praying for one of his church members who had fallen into debt as a result of betting on sports.

The bishop went on to reveal how one of his junior pastors had taken a massive risk by staking GHc600 million of the company’s money on a bet.

According to Bishop Obinim, the young pastor was confident that he would win the bet, as the odds were in his favor. He planned to return the initial amount once he won and keep the profits.

Sadly, the gamble did not pay off, and the pastor lost the entire amount. This turn of events led to the company chasing after the young man for their money.

The incident left many questioning the judgment of individuals who engage in gambling, especially when it involves money meant for other purposes.

The story of Angel Obinim’s junior pastor serves as a cautionary tale for all individuals who engage in gambling. It is a risky business that can lead to financial ruin and other detrimental consequences. As such, it is essential to exercise restraint and seek help when necessary.

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