The Principal Of Tumu College of Education Hailed For Infrastructural Development


Tumu College of Education is a co-teacher Education college in Tumu (Sissala East District, Upper West Region, Ghana). It is one of the 46 public colleges of education in Ghana and it is affiliated with the University for Development Studies.

The college was established on 1 September 1984.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the College is to become a distinguished College of Education and an eminent institution of learning in Ghana.

Its mission is to train very hardworking, competent, and dedicated basic school teachers who will like to teach in the rural areas of Ghana.


The structures that the college settled in were constructed in 1954.

The following structures have also been provided for the college by the GETFund;

  1. A 3-unit Lecture Hall
  2. Modern Library
  3. Assembly Hall Complex.
Mr. Adam Kaleo Bertinus hailed

The Students of the College have hailed the Principal of the college, Mr. Adam Kaleo Bertinus for his yeoman work in renovating and rehabilitation some of these structures in the college.

Mr. Adams Kaleo Bertinus, Principal for Tumu College of Education

In an interaction with Coleman Publications on 21st September 2022, the SRC PRO, Jonathan Zangu asserted that One does not need glass eyes to view the existing development in infrastructure, as projected at Tumu College Of Education.

The Public Relations Officer further articulated that, the adage, “the destiny of posterity embedded in the history of yesterday” reflects the exemplary works and initiatives of Mr. Adams Kaleo Bertinus, their Principal.

Adding that the college through Mr. Adams Kaleo Bertinus has recently undergone a lot of infrastructure renovations and rehabilitation, which include;

  1. The college auditorium
  2. The Dining hall
  3. The lecture theaters

According to the SRC PRO, Jonathan Zangu, The implementation of these initiatives under the mantles of the Principal was done to mitigate the inconveniences to students’ welfare on campus.

The Student teachers in the college have expounded their deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Adams Kaleo Bertinus who double the responsibilities of a teacher and parents, in nurturing and reinforcing cherishable values and attitudes in them.

‘Culture of Maintenance’

Jonathan concluded by calling on everyone to learn the ‘culture of maintenance’ as it helps sustain the little resources and facilities at every institution in the country.

“Sustainable development becomes a paramount tool for curbing financial setbacks in developing countries like Ghana. And the difficulty of the country’s government to put up adequate infrastructural facilities in the educational institutions dotted across the country is a wake-up call to authorities and individuals to embrace sustainable practices, that would help maintain the few available resources and facilities at every institution in the country” Jonathan stated


The Publication Relation Unit

  1. Secretary- Dominic Saadem
  2. PRO- Jonathan Zangu
  3. SRC
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