The Phone is a Communication Gadget, But Put it aside and Interact with People – Dr. Theresa Enim Urges


Dr. Theresa Enim, a Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, UCC, has urged young people at Komenda College of Education to sometimes put down their phones and have face-to-face interaction with people.

She made this statement at the Young People’s Seminar Dubbed” Build Your Today For Your Future”, held by the Professor Dora Edu Buandoh Foundation(Deb Foundation) for the Female Students of Komenda College of Education as part of the college’s 75th Anniversary Celebration activities.

Dr. Regina Amoako Sekyi, Professor Dora Edu-Buandoh, Dr. Theresa Enim Professor Emmanuel K. Gyimah

Speaking on Building Social Skills, Dr. Theresa Enim asserted that phones are made to enhance communication, however, the majority of the youth are making it replace the ‘physical quality time’ they must have with a fellow, classifying it as a poor social skill.

Some Poor Social Skills

She outlined some of the poor social skills as;

  1. Scrolling through one’s phone while others are talking to such one
  2. Putting on headphones even when walking on the street.
  3. Talking too much
  4. Sharing of information in inappropriate ways
  5. Withdrawing oneself from a group conversation
  6. Misinterpreting sarcasm and jokes.
  7. Not Greeting
The Young Female Students Glading Receiving from the Facilitators.

Dr. Theresah Enim elucidated that the higher one’s social tie, the lower one’a anxiety, and depression when called for any occasion or project by society.

She further stated that sharpening one’s social skills also pays back in social capital.

Dr. Theresa Enim concluded by urging the students to pay critical attention to their conversation, engage positively with people they meet, pay attention to their emotions and practice effective communication- both verbal and non-verbal.

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