The International Educational Research Conference has come to stay- Very Reverend Kwesi Nkum Wilson(Ph.D)


The Maiden Joint Komenda-Wiawso Colleges of Education International Educational Research Conference held from 26th to 28th October 2022, has marked a successful milestone.

The 3 days conference focused on the development and fulfillment of the 21st Century skills of the UN Sustainable development Goals(SDG4).

The programme themed “Delivering Quality Teacher Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects” is part of efforts to enrich the teaching profession by advancing knowledge through the development of scientific theories, concepts, and ideas as well as hone the problem-solving skills of teachers in the 21st Century.

Media Engagement

In an interaction with Assai Hill News and the Media present on Wednesday, 26th October 2022, Very Reverend Kwesi Nkum Wilson(Ph.D), The Principal of Komenda College of Education, disclosed that, the International Educational Research Conference has come to stay, as it would be a biannual programme that would be held by the colleges.

He added that any teacher who does not publish perishes, hence the International Educational Research Conference is a platform for teachers to present their innovative research and findings and have the avenue to publish such discoveries.

On Support

When asked whether there is a sponsorship from anywhere, Dr. Wilson posited that Komenda and Wiawso Colleges of Education merged their resources for the maiden edition but he is wishing for sponsorships for the subsequent editions.

Elucidating that, there is “invariably a way where there is a will.”

However, Very Reverend Kwesi Nkum Wilson(Ph.D) admonished educators to keep researching and writing as their findings and abstracts would be called for in the next edition of the Research Conference.

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