The Importance of Marking Learners’ Exercises and Providing Constructive Feedback: Insights from Papa Kwamina Sam

Komenda College of Education Practice Basic School Headteacher, Papa Kwamina Sam
Komenda College of Education Practice Basic School Headteacher, Papa Kwamina Sam

Komenda College Practice School’s Headteacher, Papa Kwamina Sam, has called on teachers to prioritize the marking of learners’ exercises and provide constructive feedback to them promptly.

Papa Kwamina Sam emphasized that this is the most effective way for learners to learn and unlearn certain things after facilitating.

During a meeting held on March 24th, 2023, Papa Kwamina Sam applauded his staff for their hard work and dedication towards marking learners’ exercises. He noted that some of the staff had marked up to 40 exercises, a feat that deserves commendation.

However, Papa Kwamina Sam also emphasized the need for consistency in this regard. He urged his staff to continue making the marking of learner exercises a habit and ensure that every lesson they teach in the next terms comes with an exercise at the end of it.

This, he believes, would enable learners to demonstrate their understanding of what was taught and facilitate the correction of any misconceptions.

“Marking learners’ exercises and providing constructive feedback is an essential aspect of the teaching and learning process. It serves as a form of assessment for both the teacher and the learner.

For teachers, it helps to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods, identify areas of strength and weaknesses, and make necessary adjustments. For learners, it helps to reinforce learning, identify areas of weakness, and provide a pathway for improvement.” he noted

It is important to note that marking exercises and providing feedback extend beyond assessment purposes. It fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

When learners receive feedback, they are more likely to engage in self-reflection, critically evaluate their work, and identify ways to improve their performance. This, in turn, leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and improved academic performance.

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