The Full Manifesto Delivered by Master Arthur Isaac (Cyrus Reigns), SRC President Aspirant Of Presbyterian College Of Education

Master Arthur Isaac (Cyrus Reigns), SRC President Aspirant Of Presbyterian College Of Education
Master Arthur Isaac (Cyrus Reigns), SRC President Aspirant Of Presbyterian College Of Education

Below is the full manifesto delivered by the SRC President Aspirant, Isaac Arthur on November 18, 2023;


The Chairperson, Independent Electoral Commission, lecturers present, Respected members of the house, Outgoing SRC Executives, Co- Aspirants, Colleague students, ladies and gentlemen, I am humbled and honoured to present to you my manifesto as a candidate for the position of the SRC President, with a vision to lead for each student to achieve personal, professional, and educational goals in a caring and disciplined environment.

 It is with great passion and dedication that I present my manifesto, outlining key policies and initiatives that I believe will bring positive change to our school community by focusing on seven core areas;

  • Introduction of a good health care system and readily accessible pharmacy
  • Introduction/Improvement of cellular network infrastructure.
  • Introduction of electronic notice board
  • Introduction of student’s identification card
  • Improvement of Sanitation
  • Provision of Public address system and sound system for Effective communication and Entertainment purposes respectively.
  • Expansion of Netball court to include a basketball court.
Good Health Care System And A Readily Accessible Pharmacy

First and foremost, let me indicate that our priority is the introduction of a good health care system or facility and a readily accessible pharmacy for the college community.

As an advocate  for the well-being and health of our school community, I am committed to introduce the accessibility and the availability of pharmacy.

I aim to ensure that all students have easy access to essential medical services and medication.

However, with the Well-equipped Facilities: We will work towards upgrading our under project clinic facility to meet the highest standards.

This includes ensuring that our clinic is adequately staffed with skilled medical professionals who can provide quality care and attending to the need for continuously replenishing our pharmacy’s stock of medications.

Moreover, In order to enhance overall well-being for ourselves, I have proposed implementing healthcare education programs in this noble institution.

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I have already begun series of initiatives with the health care officials at Mampong Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital to assist in educating us on good health care matters.

They have also promised not to let us down whenever we call them.

Introduction/Improvement Of Cellular Network Infrastructure

Second on our priority list is the introduction/improvement of Cellular Network infrastructure on campus.

This is aimed at providing us with a reliable and High-Speed Connectivity. Recognizing the importance of technology in education, I will prioritize the establishment of a reliable and high-speed internet network throughout our college premises.

This, I believe will facilitate and enhance learning through online programs, research sessions, connectivity on educational platforms, and a smoother communication.

With this initiative, we have had series of discussions with one of the telecom operators (Mobile Telephone Network) to help get a network site and pylon erected here on campus.

In order to make this project a reality, stakeholders like the school authorities especially the principal together with us the students body, have a role to play and this role is to massively cast your votes in my favour.

Again, upon a sober reflection, I want to ensure a safe digital environment for all students to have a student portal.

I will actively pursue the implementation of  this project of a student’s portal where we as students will be able to access our results among other necessary information concerning us.

This will provide a secure system where every individual will get access to his or her data or results at any time and anywhere.

 Introduction Of Electronic Notice Board

 The third item on our priority is the Introduction of Electronic Notice Board for effective Communication.

As the incoming SRC President I recognize the significance of effective and timely communication within our school community.

I have proposed the installation of electronic notice boards to be strategically placed throughout the campus to disseminate important information, announcements, events, and updates.

This will ensure that all students, staff, and visitors are well-informed about school matters. Sustainability:

In line with my commitment to environmental consciousness, I will advocate for the use of Solar and energy-efficient electronic notice boards which will minimize electricity consumption.

Furthermore, I aim to explore options for using environmentally friendly materials in the construction and maintenance of these notice boards.

Introduction Of Student’s Identification Card

Also on our priority list is the issuance of a student Identification Card to all students of this noble college. 

This is because, we have noticed with concern the fact that, many of us become frustrated and devastated when we are unable to carry out our educational activities in different institutions due to the lack of student identification card.

This Student Identity Card allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily identify who belongs on site and who does not.

In the case of emergencies or security breaches, student identification cards can be used to verify a person’s identity and ensure that everybody is safe.

Resolving this concern, I will liaise with the school IT department to reach out to the school Authorities to provide every student with student’s identity card and a student number which will be used in carrying out all transactions on campus.

Improvement Of Sanitation

Also on our agenda is the Improvement of Sanitation.

I will make sure our environment is clean by providing more dustbins in addition to existing ones, especially the ones with wheels under them at the principal locations to help promote healthy living.

Expansion Of Netball Court To Include A Basketball Court

Again, it is my utmost intention to expand the netball court to include a basketball court.

This expansion will provide additional recreational opportunities for students who have a passion for basketball and wish to engage in this popular sport.

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I am dedicated to working with the relevant stakeholders to secure the resources and support necessary for this expansion, ensuring that both netball and basketball enthusiasts have the space to pursue their athletic endeavors.

Provision Of Public Address System And Sound System For Effective Communication And Entertainment Purposes Respectively

Lastly, I recognize the importance of effective communication and quality sound systems in the ”communication and entertainment world’’.

For clarity and effectiveness in our communication during school gatherings and a good sound during entertainment sessions, if elected, I pledge to work towards the provision of modern and reliable Public Address and Sound systems for our events and social gatherings.

This includes equipping our assembly areas, event venues, and recreational spaces with the appropriate audio facilities.

Having top-notch sound equipment will not only elevate the quality of our events, but it will also ensure that our performers, musicians, and speakers can showcase their talents effectively.

I will explore sustainable funding options and partnerships to advance this initiative.


In Conclusion, I present to you my manifesto for a better future. I am committed to leading with competency, integrity, transparency, and a continuous drive for change and progress.

Together, let us forge a pathway towards, academic excellence, and conducive environment for learning. By electing me as your SRC president and James Mensah as Vice-President.

We can work hand in hand to create a peaceful and lasting College Community that will positively impact our lives and the lives of future generations.

Join us on this journey, and together, we will create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.


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