The fight against corruption must start from the classroom through teachers – Prof. Ansu-Kyeremeh

Professor Ansu-Kyeremeh emphasized that teachers have a significant responsibility in shaping the values and behaviors of future generations
Professor Ansu-Kyeremeh emphasized that teachers have a significant responsibility in shaping the values and behaviors of future generations

The former Director of the University of Ghana School of Communication and the Atwima Apemanimhene, Professor Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh, has emphasized the importance of beginning the fight against corruption in the country from the classroom, with teachers playing a crucial role.

Speaking at the Komenda College of Education 3rd Sam-Creedy-Komeh-Ababio Memorial Lecture, themed “Komenda College: The Forever Resilient And Forever Shining Nation Builder,” on 8th March 2024, Prof. Ansu-Kyeremeh highlighted the significance of empowering teachers to instill in their learners the values of integrity and morality.

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He emphasized that by teaching acceptable behaviours to learners, they would grow up appreciating these values and distancing themselves from corrupt practices.

Drawing from his own experiences at Komenda College, Professor Ansu-Kyeremeh credited the principles instilled in him during his time there for shaping his character and instilling respect for morality and discipline

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He noted that the values learned at the college from tutors have guided him and others to shine in various endeavours, holding onto integrity wherever they go.

Professor Ansu-Kyeremeh urged educators to not only teach academic subjects but also to share personal life experiences that illustrate the importance of living with integrity.

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He also emphasized that for a nation to progress, its laws must be supported by a foundation of morality.

Likewise, teachers must go beyond merely imparting knowledge and actively shape the ethical framework of their learners.

He stressed that simply teaching without influencing learners’ ways of life may lead to a perpetuation of corrupt practices in society when they grow up.

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Reflecting on his journey as an educator, Professor Ansu-Kyeremeh expressed the fulfilment he finds in guiding learners towards a path of integrity and moral uprightness.

“The joy of having children is as fulfilling as having pupils or students”, he stated.

He, therefore, encouraged educators to make every interaction with their learners meaningful and to ensure that the values they instill have a lasting impact.

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Professor Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh believes if educators should prioritize teaching integrity and honesty, there shall be a more ethical society.

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