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Teachers Petition Government Over Stalled Negotiations


Teachers in the central region have taken action against the slow progress made by the government in negotiating their conditions of service.

The teacher unions have filed a petition at the regional minister’s office, expressing their dissatisfaction and highlighting the difficulties their members are currently facing due to the country’s economic conditions.

The unions have called on the government to honor its promises and commitments to teachers by addressing their concerns over various allowances.

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In their petition on May 15, 2024, they emphasized that they have had enough of the government’s lack of interest and delays, and that they will not tolerate the situation any longer.

“We have had enough of the disinterest, feet-dragging, and unfairness,” the petition reads

They warned that if their demands are not met, they will call on leadership to take immediate action, and teachers should not be blamed for any consequences.

“Should the Employer fail to address our demands, then we shall call on leadership to take action immediately and when that happens, teachers should be pardoned of the blame,”

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The unions believe that teachers play a crucial role in achieving Ghana’s educational objectives and shaping the outcomes of the learning process.

They argued that the government’s failure to implement agreed-upon allowances and fulfill promises has caused frustration and dissatisfaction among teachers.

The current economic conditions have further worsened the situation for teachers, adding to their hardships.

The four main allowances that the unions are fighting for are;

  • Deprived Area allowance
  • Extra Assessment allowance
  • Book/Data/Online Teaching support allowance
  • Upward Adjustment of the CPD Allowance

The unions have made it clear that they want the government to take immediate action to resolve these issues.

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They also expressed their determination to hold the government accountable and called on leadership to take appropriate action if their demands are not met.

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