Teacher Trainees Likely To Top-up their feeding Component


Teacher trainees are likely to top-up their GH¢6.50 pesewas daily feeding component paid to PRINCOF by the Government if they want to be fed three square meals a day.

According to PRINCOF, feeding trainees quality meals at GH¢ 6.50 daily in this current economy is frustrating and actions need to be taken.

Proposals By PRINCOF

The Conference Principals of Colleges of Education(PRINCOF) to this effect made proposals to the government to either give all the GH¢400.00 stipends to the trainees to fend for themselves or feed trainees twice a day which is believed to still be a challenge.

The three proposals from PRINCOF to the government are;

  1. The government should disburse the total GH¢400.00 allowance to students so they fend for themselves.
  2. Trainees are to top up the feeding component from the Gh¢ 200.00 disbursed to them
  3. Trainees should receive their GH¢200.00 and the feeding component will be the same amount as it used to be but, feeding will be two (2) times daily.

With Government not willing to increase the feeding component for trainees and the majority of the trainees still calling for the three square meals, they would be left with no option but to top up the GH¢6.50 from the GH¢ 200.00 given to them.

Again, the facilities at the various colleges are not accommodating for trainees to start fending for themselves. There would be a lot of fire outbreaks if they are asked to start cooking in their Halls of Residence.

Position of TTAG

The leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana(TTAG) has been engaged by PRINCOF, GTEC, and the Ministry of Education on the Subject.

The leadership acknowledged the concerns raised by PRINCOF and admonished the Ministry of Education to petition the Government to make some significant increment in the allowance to further yield an increment to the feeding component which has not seen light yet.

On the proposition by PRINCOF and the Ministry of Education to increase the feeding component of trainees with a part of the amount(GH¢200.00) that comes to trainees, leadership stated in their release on 26th January 2023 that they vehemently withstood the recommendation.

However, they have asked the leadership of PRINCOF and MoE to give them ample time to engage their constituents in their congress ahead and get back to them.

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