Teacher Trainees Express Frustration Over Government’s Reduction of ‘Take-Home’ Allowance


Teacher trainees in the 46 public colleges of education have been met with annoyance and unrest upon learning of the government’s decision to reduce their take-home allowance from GH¢200.00 to GH¢149.00 starting from the 2022/2023 academic year.

According to the trainees they were not given any prior notice regarding this decision made by the government.

Many of the trainees also argue that if the Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) are demanding a top-up for the feeding component they provide, as they serve three square meals a day, why can’t they simply reduce it to two meals instead of reducing their allowance?

This perspective highlights the trainees’ frustration and confusion over the sudden reduction without proper explanation or justification.

In light of these concerns, some of the trainees have appealed to their leadership, specifically the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG), to issue a statement clarifying what exactly is happening and when this decision was made without their knowledge.

They believe that their representatives should advocate for their rights and provide transparency regarding the allowance cut.

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With this new initiative, it now means that teacher trainees will receive a significantly reduced amount of GH¢149.00 instead of the anticipated GH¢200.00 on their cards.

This reduction in their take-home allowance has stirred a sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction among the teacher trainees, who were hoping for stability and support from the government during their academic journey.

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