Teacher Trainees Express Concerns About the Leadership of their Association,TTAG


Several teacher trainees have expressed their deep concerns regarding the effectiveness of the new leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association (TTAG).

According to these trainees, the current leadership lacks assertiveness when it comes to addressing critical issues that directly affect their welfare.

These trainees argue that relying solely on media platforms is not sufficient, and instead, the leadership should engage in direct dialogues with the relevant authorities to promptly resolve pressing matters.

They believe that sitting on the round table with appropriate stakeholders will facilitate faster and more effective decision-making.

One trainee took to social media and expressed frustration, stating that the current TTAG is nothing short of a disaster.

They questioned the leadership’s ability to employ practical strategies that would compel the government to fulfill their financial commitments, such as providing allowances.

Another individual expressed nostalgia for the previous TTAG president, Jonathan Dzunu, suggesting that his leadership style was more effective and decisive.

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An additional trainee stated that they perceive the current TTAG president, Nana Kwame, as being too lenient. They speculated that under Dzunu’s presidency, immediate action would have been taken to address the concerns at hand.

On the other hand, the leadership of TTAG has responded to these concerns through recent statements, assuring the trainees that they are actively engaging with the appropriate authorities to advocate for their welfare and strive for improvements in their overall experience.

Despite the leadership’s efforts to address the trainees’ concerns, it remains to be seen whether their actions will satisfy the trainees’ expectations and alleviate their worries about the Association’s ability to effectively represent their interests.

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