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Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana Responds to CETAG’s Strike Intention


In a social media post, the President of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana, Jephthah Nana Kwam, acknowledged receiving a letter from CETAG addressed to the National Labour Commission.

The letter expressed CETAG’s intention to embark on a strike action starting on August 1, 2023 if their expectations are not met by the government by 31st July.

The president expressed sadness at this development and highlighted the potential negative consequences, particularly for trainees who will suffer as a result.

He emphasized that this would not be the first time such actions have been taken, referring to a similar strike action that occurred last year.

The president concluded by assuring that the leadership of the association, TTAG, will promptly take necessary action to make the government and all stakeholders aware of the impact this strike action will have on teaching and learning, specifically with regard to teacher education.

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