Teacher Trainees Are To Fend For Themselves


Trainees in colleges of education are to fend for themselves as their teaching and non-teaching staff proceed on strike.

Meanwhile, trainees in some colleges of education have already commenced fending for themselves.

some who spoke with Coleman Publications shared their displeasure as to how the strike is affecting them.

One of them wrote;

“I am a student of Tumu college of education. Using your media to share my current experience in TUCE,….. today 14th November 2022, we were made to fend for ourselves both lunch and supper. It was so sad to see trainees trek to town to buy food for sustainability. We are suffering….. hope u use your kind platform to help us”

Teacher Trainees are therefore calling on the government to take the necessary actions immediately to clinch the issue as some trainees would have no option but to vacate the campuses.

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