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Teacher Licensure Examination Structure and Content Areas


Per the new structure, all candidates will write papers on General Professional Knowledge as well as Pedagogy.

The Pedagogy is the combination of teaching methods (what teachers do), learning activities (what teachers guide their learners to do), and learning assessments (the assignments, projects, or tasks that measure student learning).

The pedagogies are differentiated by levels of specialisation.

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That is Early Grade or Early Childhood, Primary, JHS, SHS/SHTS and Technical Vocational Schools.

Since prospective teachers for Early Grade/Early Childhood or Primary levels will teach all subjects in their respective classes, they will write Multiple Subjects Content papers for their respective levels.

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All teacher candidates will, in addition to the General Professional Knowledge which comprises essential professional skills, numeracy and literacy contents and Related Pedagogy papers, write one paper in their areas of specialisation.

Content Areas

The NTC has developed content areas, tables of specification and sample questions for prospective teachers who are ready to write the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.

The content areas are made up of topics and sub-topics, competencies, and descriptive statements.

The content areas are developed for candidates to familiarise themselves with the competencies required from them.

You can visit to have the full contents and test items.

Structure of Subject-Based Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination

 Early Childhood/ Early Grade  Primary  Junior High  Senior High  Technical/ Vocational
 Pedagogy: Early Childhood/ Early GradePedagogy: Primary LevelPedagogy: Junior HighPedagogy:    Senior High SchoolsPedagogy: Technical/ Vocational Schools
   General Professional KnowledgeGeneral Professional KnowledgeGeneral Professional KnowledgeGeneral Professional KnowledgeGeneral Professional Knowledge
 **Multiple Subjects Content in early grades**Multiple Subjects Content in Primary**Single Subject Specialism paper** Single Subject Specialism paper  ** Single Subject Specialism paper  

The table of specifications indicates the spread of questions along the content areas (topics).

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That is, the questions are distributed among the topics for the candidates to know the number of questions that are set for each topic.

Difficulty Levels of the Test Items

The learning order is categorised into four depth of knowledge (DoK)levels. The questions are also set along these levels.

The learning order indicates the difficulty levels of the test items (questions).

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Level one, which involves recall or knowledge reproduction questions, constitutes 15% of the entire questions.

Level two constitutes 25% of the entire questions. These questions are set on skills or concepts which the candidates are expected to demonstrate.

Levels three and four constitute 30% of each of the entire questions and these are critical and extended thinking questions respectively.

Sample Test Item

Sample questions have been uploaded HERE for online test prep to assist candidates in preparing adequately for the examination.

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