Sweden To Host The First-Ever European Sex Championship


Sweden has broken new ground by officially recognising sex as a sport.

The country will hold the inaugural European Sex Championship starting June 08, with participants from various European countries competing across 16 disciplines over several weeks.

The competition will feature a range of categories, including endurance, seduction, artistic performance, and beauty.

Sexual orientation has also been incorporated as a strategic element, with potential for this approach to be adopted by other European countries in the future.

The Swedish Sex Federation has highlighted the physical and mental benefits of training for sex as a sport, and emphasised that participants’ goal is to provide immense pleasure to their opponents, fostering a revolutionary and distinctive approach compared to traditional sports where defeat often leads to disappointment.

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Benon Bernard
Benon Bernard
11 months ago

Oh God! It seems like this generation has lost its way and the distance keep growing everyday.

May God help us 🙏