Supomu Dunkwa Methodist Basic School “A” Classrooms Turn Defecation Arena For Some Unscrupulous Persons


Information Reaching the Front Desk of Coleman Publications reveals Some faceless residents of the Supomu Dunkwa have turned the town’s Methodist Basic “A” school’s Classrooms into a toilet.

This menace is reported to have existed long ago and has been a major worry to the teachers and the students, as they are forced to scrub human faeces and use several hours to sanitize the affected classrooms.

According to The Headteacher, Alpha Justice Kofi Wonkey, several complaints have been made to the Chief, opinion leaders of the community and his SISO. They have also made an announcement on both radio and community address systems but to no avail. He added that, even though it is not on daily basis, he is worried they have to be cleaning human excreta in an academic environment.

The situation worsened on Monday, February 13, 2023, as the primary six students were asked to return home because their classroom was full of human excreta. According to the head, he returned the students to signal the community how the school is struggling to cope with the human excreta that takes over their classrooms

One of the Basic Six Learners who spoke with our Reporter affirmed it is not the first time they are complaining about someone defecating in their classrooms, adding that they have tried their best to arrest the perpetrators but it proved fiasco.

“This thing has been going on and we have made several reports but nothing has come out of it. The person is still defecating here and I think it is time we come together and arrest the person. We have tried doing that but it didn’t work out. I think this time around we should” … she told our reporter.

The Management of the School and the Learners are therefore appealing to the authorities to aid the school put a stop to this incessant defecation in their classrooms. They are also advising the perpetrators to put a stop to it.

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