Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your NSS PIN Code and Registration Process

Once the PIN Code is activated, the main registration process can be initiated from anywhere with internet access
Once the PIN Code is activated, the main registration process can be initiated from anywhere with internet access

Here is a step-by-step guide to help prospective service personnel check their NSS PIN codes and complete their online registration process.

The PIN codes are out and it is important to know the procedure on how to go about the enrollement.

Here is how you can check your NSS PIN code:

1. Visit the NSS website at

2. On the homepage, Go to the menu icon.

   a. Navigate to the NSS Portal.

   b. Open the NSS Portal tab.

   c. Scroll down and click on “Check & Pay for Pin Code.”

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Alternatively, you can directly access the Check Pin Code by visiting this URL:

3. Once you’re on the Check Pin Code page, enter your Index Number and date of birth.

   For example, assuming your index number is KMCE777785 and your date of birth is 09/11/1991.

4. Enter the index number (KMCE777785) and date of birth (09/11/1991) in the respective fields and Press on “Search.”

5. Your NSS PIN Code will be displayed on the screen. It is recommended to write down your PIN code or save it for future reference.

6. Please note that the PIN code provided is not activated yet.

How to Activate your Pin Code

7. To activate your NSS PIN Code, you need to pay the fee of GHC 41. Payment can be made through MTN Mobile Money or the Bank

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How To Activate Your PIN Code Using MOMO
  • First dial the mobile money short code *170#,
  • Then Choose option 2 for “PAY BILL”
  • Then Choose Option 6 (General Payments)
  • Then Enter the Payment code as NSS PINCODE (type NSS, leave a space, then type your PINCODE).
  • Your name will show for confirmation.
  • Confirm, then you will have to Enter the deposit amount (GH¢41.00).
  • Enter “NSS” as reference
  • Then Enter PIN to confirm payment
  • If your activation was successful, You will receive a message to confirm the transaction, and then you can proceed to NSS Registration.

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Using the Bank Option

8. The registration(activation) fee can also be paid at any ADB Bank branch. If there is no ADB Bank in your area, someone else can assist you with the payment.

That is, In case you are unable to pay the fee personally, someone else can make the payment for you.  Simply provide them with your PIN code.

9. Once the fee is paid via either the MTN Mobile Money or ADB Bank, your PIN code will be activated.

Main Registration

Now, Kindly visit the NSS registration portal at using your index number, NSS Pincode and date of birth to commence your main registration process.

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This can be initiated from anywhere with internet access.  

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