SRC and Entire Level 300 Students of Jasikan College to Sign Bond of Good Behavior


The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the entire Level 300 Students of Jasikan College of Education have been asked by the management of their college to sign a bond of good behaviour following a disturbances and protests on campus in August.

According to the management, the protest, which took place on 15th August 2023, was largely carried out by the Level 300 students.

In response to the protest, an investigative committee was formed by the college to ascertain the extent of the disturbances.

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The committee revealed that the protest has had a detrimental effect on the college’s reputation, and there is a need for swift measures to prevent future occurrences.

At their last meeting on 24th November 2023, the Academic Board of the College approved the committee’s recommendation that “the entire Level 300 students and their SRC should be made to sign a bond of good behaviour”

As a result, the Level 300 students and their SRC Executives have been directed to collect a bond form from their Academic Affairs Office, sign it, and submit it by 5:00 pm on Friday, 8th December, 2023.

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Additionally, they have been asked to bring their parents to witness the signing of the bond before they submit it officially by Monday, 11th December 2023.

According to the management, failure to comply with this directive will result in consequences for any Level 300 student or SRC Executive of the College.

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