‘Sports is not for the less brilliant students, let’s do away with such perceptions’ – Dr. Harriet Naki Amui


Despite the vast attention given to ‘content learning” in our nation, it is imperative we can not repudiate the benefit of sports in the all-around development and growth of learners in the country.

There is a general misconception that “sports is for the less brilliant students”.

It is therefore pathetic how our educational system has also stratified learners into ‘brilliant’ or ‘intelligent’ learners and ‘dull’ learners based on who can sufficiently recollect notes and taught content mostly in Mathematics, Science, and English Language.

Our system characterizes intellect and effulgence as learners especially performing in the aforementioned subject areas, and those who seem lost in these subjects but are exceptionally robust in areas such as music, arts, sports, and culture are deemed by the system as “people without future”.

Surprisingly, some educators who are to straighten up these mix-ups by debunking such ideologies turn to do otherwise.

However, Dr. Harriet Naki Amui, the immediate Past President of Colleges of Education Sports Association, and the Executive Secretary of PRINCOF thinks such perceptions are barbarous as Sports is not for “dull” students.

Speaking to Coesagh at the 11th Biennial Sports Festival at KNUST themed “Unearthing talents in the midst of a pandemic: the role of colleges of education“,

Dr. Amui positioned it could be of great assistance if counseling sessions are held for students who are talented but feel reluctant to exhibit their God-given talents due to such popular fallacies held by people.

“It’s a misconception we must do away with. People in sports are wildly brilliant, as there are a lot of computations that must be done when one is on the field.” Dr. Harriet Naki Amui expressed

With a Ph.D. in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports, Dr. Harriet Naki Amui asserted; “the fact that a person cannot articulate well doesn’t mean physically he/she can’t perform”.

She admonished students into sports not to waiver but to hold their heads up knowing they are in the right arena.

“If you have the talent and you don’t participate then you are missing up on a lot of benefits of sports”,

Dr. Harriet also called on HoDs and other members of the sports fraternity to try and unearth students who are talented in sports but are reluctant to participate

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