Special Message to Colleges of Education Level 200 students


The Level 200 learners in the Colleges of Education are to report to campus on Sunday, 16th October 2022 to continue with their academic activities to culminate the second semester of their academic Year.

Speaking with Coleman Publications on 9th October, The Dean of Students’ Affairs for Komenda College of Education, Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah Posits that, students are to report on the aforementioned date as lectures will commence on Monday, 17th October 2022.

She, however, amplified that students owing must make sure they settle all their bills and arrears before reporting to campus as they would be registered before being assigned to halls of residence.

Hence failure to provide evidence of full payments as a student means one would not have a place to dwell.

The Dean also urged those who are done with their payments to report with their receipts as they would be inspected before allowing entry to their halls of residence.

Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah concluded by wishing all students a safe journey as they return to complete the semester.

Due to this, the level 300 students are expected to break on Saturday,15th October 2022 to give way for the second-year students.

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