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Special Education Offer at West End University College | Apply Here |


West End University College, UCC affiliate through the National Council of Private School Teachers (N-COPST), is proud to offer special education opportunities for students.

With a variety of benefits available, including subsidies in yearly school fees, flexible payment plans, and guaranteed job opportunities, the college is committed to providing quality education to all.

This article provides a comprehensive guidelines on how to apply, closing date for forms and their Education offers;

Subsidies for New Applicants

Under this special education offer, the college provides subsidies in yearly school fees for all new applicants, with a special focus on those with specific qualifications:

a. SHS Certificate Holders: Pursue a 4-year degree in education.
b. Certificate in Education (Government Sponsored Program) Holders: Pursue a 3-year top-up for a degree in education.
c. DBE Certificate Holders: Pursue a 2-year top-up for a degree in education.

Flexible Payment Plan

The College understands the financial challenges that students may face when pursuing higher education.

As part of their special education offer, they offer a flexible payment plan for new applicants. This plan allows students to enroll in Level 100, Level 200, or Level 300 and pay less than 1/3 of the semester fee.

GES & International Job Opportunities

West End University College and the National Council of Private School Teachers are working together with MoE, first class international school in Ghana and International Schools abroad on how to recruit our Level400 students after their NSS and acquiring their teachers license. With West End University College, job after Level400 is ASSURED

International Curriculum training, and Licensure Examination training

In order to secure jobs for their students and also help them pass licensure examination, The college trains students on international curriculum and licensure examination at level 400

Fully funded Masters Scholarship Programmes

West End University College and the National Council of Private School Teachers are in consultation with International Universities to Offer fully funded scholarship masters programs for West End University College students who complete level400

School/students Exchange Programs

West End University College together with N-COPST will soon give students an opportunity to register and join the school/students exchange program where our students visit USA, UK etc on education purpose

These and many more opportunities are available for students in West End University College, UCC affiliate

How to enroll into Certificate and Degree Programs
  1. Just pay for the registration form of an amount of Ghc205 HERE
  2. You will be added to the Registered members group and assistance will be given to you on your dashboard
  3. Pay part of tuition fee of an amount of Ghc1500 and start school. Pay the rest in three months times
Application Deadline

Deadline for buying registration form is 31st July, 2023. Orientation Date is 5th August, 2023



  1. Kasoa
  2. Nungua
  3. Lapaz
  4. Ashaley


  1. Palmar International School, Patasi

Weekends (Saturdays & Sundays after Church)

For Enquire;

Ackon James
N-COPST Director

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