Social Etiquette: 21 Rules to Follow for a Polite and Respectful Life


In our fast-paced and interconnected world, it’s important to remember that small gestures and respectful behaviour can go a long way in fostering positive relationships and creating harmony in our social interactions.

By adhering to some simple social rules, we can enhance our connections with others and contribute to a more pleasant and considerate society.

Here are twenty-one guidelines to help you navigate various situations gracefully:

Respect Phone Etiquette: When calling someone, avoid consecutively dialing their number if they don’t answer. Assume they have something important to attend to and be patient.

Promptly Return Borrowed Items or Money: Demonstrate integrity and consider the needs of others by returning borrowed items or repaying debts before being reminded to do so. This showcases your reliability and character. Remember, the same applies to borrowed umbrellas, pens, or lunch boxes.

Be Mindful of Cost When Treated to a Meal: If someone is generous enough to treat you to a lunch or dinner, avoid ordering the most expensive items on the menu. It’s considerate to show gratitude by ordering reasonably and respecting your host’s budget.

Avoid Intrusive Questions: Refrain from asking personal or awkward questions, such as someone’s marital status, plans for children, or financial details. Respect their privacy and avoid delving into sensitive topics that may make them uncomfortable.

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Exhibit Chivalry: Regardless of gender or hierarchy, always hold the door open for the person behind you. Treating others with kindness and respect in public is a testament to your character and shows that you value others’ well-being.

Reciprocate Taxi Payments: If you take a taxi with a friend or colleague and they pay the fare, make an effort to pay for the ride next time. Sharing expenses fosters a sense of equality and fairness in your relationships.

Embrace Diverse Opinions: Show respect for different viewpoints and understand that what may be a six for you could be a nine for someone else. Welcoming alternate perspectives can spark healthy discussions and broaden your own understanding.

Practice Active Listening: Never interrupt people while they are speaking. Give them the space to express themselves fully. Remember, hearing everyone out before forming opinions demonstrates patience and open-mindedness.

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Be Mindful of Teasing: If you tease someone and realize that they don’t enjoy it, immediately stop. Continuing to tease someone who is uncomfortable sends the wrong message and fails to show appreciation for their feelings.

Express Gratitude: When someone assists you, no matter how small the act, say “thank you.” Demonstrating appreciation reflects your good manners and acknowledges others’ kindness.

Offer Praise Publicly, Criticize Privately: Celebrate others’ achievements in public, empowering them with deserved recognition. However, when criticism or feedback is necessary, address it privately, ensuring their dignity is protected.

Avoid Remarks About Weight: Never comment on someone’s weight unless they bring it up themselves. Instead, offer compliments like “You look fantastic” to boost their confidence. Respect their boundaries and let them share if they wish to discuss their weight or other personal matters.

Refrain from Swiping on Other People’s Phones: When someone shows you a photo on their phone, resist the temptation to swipe left or right. Allow them to control the experience and respect their privacy.

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Show Empathy, Not Curiosity: If a colleague mentions having a doctor’s appointment, offer them support by saying, “I hope you’re okay.” Avoid probing into their personal health details, as it can make them uncomfortable. If they want to share, they will do so willingly.

Treat Everyone Equally: Treat every individual with equal respect, regardless of their position or job title. Remember, being rude to those beneath you in status reflects poorly on your character, whereas showing respect leaves a lasting positive impression.

Give Undivided Attention: When engaged in conversation, it is impolite to constantly glance at your phone. Make eye contact and actively listen to the person speaking, demonstrating your attentiveness and respect.

Offer Advice Only When Asked: Avoid giving unsolicited advice unless explicitly requested. Allowing others to seek guidance promotes their autonomy and ensures that your input is genuinely appreciated.

Respect Privacy: When reconnecting with someone after a long time, unless they themselves bring up the topic, refrain from asking about their age or salary. Such inquiries can be intrusive and potentially cause discomfort.

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Mind Your Own Business: Unless a matter directly involves you, resist the urge to involve yourself unnecessarily. Respecting boundaries and avoiding unnecessary interference fosters healthy relationships.

Remove Sunglasses During Conversations: When engaging in conversation on the street, remove your sunglasses as a sign of respect. Eye contact is essential for effective communication and indicates that you value the person you’re speaking with.

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