SLTF introduces new automated system for efficient student allowances disbursement


The Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has made significant progress towards improving their system for disbursement of student allowances. Previously, allowances coordinators in colleges would collect students’ particulars and send them via email to the Trust Fund. However, with the latest upgrade, the coordinators can now upload the students’ details directly into the system, streamlining the disbursement process.

This new system marks a significant improvement for SLTF. With the manual process, delays and errors were commonplace, leading to a backlog of payments and frustrated students. However, with the introduction of the automated system, the disbursement process will be faster, and students will receive their allowances and other benefits on time.

The new system also comes with added benefits for students. It has the ability to detect any mismatches in student particulars, allowing for prompt corrections. This ensures that students receive the correct disbursements and that their personal information is accurate and up-to-date.

Provide Your Details

To ensure the success of this new system, SLTF has directed allowance coordinators in colleges to collect the details of all students from levels 100 to 400 and upload them into the system. This includes the students’ active email address, index or reference number, and full name. Other particulars such as the E-zwich and the SSNIT number will be collected later for level 100s.

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SLTF emphasizes the importance of students’ cooperation in this exercise. It is necessary for students to work with their coordinators to provide accurate information and ensure that their particulars are uploaded into the system by the deadline of Friday, 17th March, 2023. Failure to participate in the exercise may result in delayed or incorrect disbursements, and students will be solely responsible for any issues that may arise.

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