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Short Code to Check the Number of SIM Cards Linked to Your Ghana Card

In a bid to tackle the increasing number of SIM card fraud cases in Ghana, the National Communication Authority (NCA) has partnered with telecom operators to launch a shortcode that will enable individuals to verify the number of SIM cards linked to their Ghana cards

The NCA’s decision to create this shortcode follows a recent check, which revealed that some fraudulent individuals have been using innocent Ghana cards to register SIM cards without the cardholders’ knowledge.

The shortcode, *402*1#, is available for public use from May 1, 2023.

Introducing the Shortcode

The shortcode created by the NCA allow individual subscribers to verify whether their mobile numbers are linked to their Ghana cards or not.

By dialing *402*1# on their mobile phones, subscribers can verify the number of SIM cards linked to their Ghana cards.

The shortcode also offers subscribers the option to unlink any unauthorized SIM cards that may have been registered using their Ghana cards.

How the Verification Process Works

Subscribers can easily verify their SIM cards by following a few simple steps.

They need to dial the shortcode *402*1# and enter their Ghana card number.

Once the system verifies the Ghana card number, it will display the number of SIM cards associated with the card.

If there are any unauthorized SIM cards linked to the Ghana card, subscribers can take immediate action to unlink them using the shortcode.

Benefits of the Shortcode

The introduction of the shortcode for SIM card verification offers numerous benefits to subscribers in Ghana.

Firstly, it eliminates the need for subscribers to physically visit their telecom operators to verify their SIM card numbers, saving them time and money.

Moreover, the shortcode is expected to reduce SIM card fraud and other illegal activities involving Ghana cards and SIM cards.

Additionally, the shortcode provides more transparency in the registration process of SIM cards.

Subscribers can verify the number of SIM cards linked to their Ghana card and identify any unauthorized usage.

This puts subscribers in control of their SIM card registrations, enabling them to take immediate action if they notice any fraudulent activity.

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