SHASS: Poised to Dominate the National Science and Maths Quiz Competition


It is no doubt Shama Senior High School (SHASS) is becoming a household name in the Western Region and the Nation at large, especially in academic circles, due to its outstanding academic record.

The school’s performance in national and regional academic competitions has earned it a reputation as a school that produces top-performing students.

One of the competitions in which SHASS has made a significant impact is the National Science and Mathematics Quiz (NSMQ).

The school became the NSMQ regional champions last year, beating the likes of GSTS, the Giant of the West. SHASS’s victory was an unexpected surprise for many as GSTS was the reigning regional champion for several years.

SHASS’s performance was a testament to the school’s dedication to excellence and the hard work put in by the students and teachers.

Now, as the NSMQ competition approaches again, SHASS is gearing up to take on its competitors and possibly repeat its winning performance.

The NSMQ balloting is slated to take place on Monday, 22nd May 2023, and the contest for the Western Region will begin from 6th-8th June 2023.

SHASS is confident that its team will demonstrate their quick thinking skills and mastery of science and mathematical concepts, which are the essential elements of the NSMQ competition.

They are poised to take the NSMQ competition by storm this year. The school’s excellence in academics, coupled with its dedication to holistic education, has given it an edge over its competitors, and they are ready to demonstrate that knowledge and quick-thinking skills to make all proud once again.

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