Shama Catholic Basic School left to Rotten, Pupils study under Rented Canopies


The Management of the Shama Catholic Basic School has no option but to resort to the renting of canopies for students to study under.

This is because their school building which was constructed over a century ago has now become a death trap for both pupils and teachers.

It would be recalled on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, a portion of the building collapsed on some JHS 2 Students who had reported to the school and were tidying up their environment.

The incident caught the attention of the district engineers who came to assess the facility and warned against its usage.

It is unfortunate to know authorities have not made any effort to address the challenge ‘eating up’ the school to date.

checks by Coleman Publications reveal after the incident, some authorities from the Assembly and the District Education Office in the region visited the school and directed that the students vacate the block to avoid future havoc.

The situation was terrifying to the extreme the Management of the School had to run a shift system to accommodate the huge number of ‘displaced students’.

This posed a lot of disruption as students to report in the afternoon for studies were not coming.

Decision was again taken by scrapping the shift system and making all students report in the morning with some to study under rented canopies.

Our News Team discovered a GetFund Project of an eight-unit classroom block which has been abandoned for years, sadly the project is on the threshold of collapsing.

It was disclosed that the construction of this GETFUND Project began in 2001 and was supposed to take up to three months to complete but failed due to the government’s inability to meet the financial demands of the contractor.

Currently, no effort has been made by any authority to help renovate the school’s buildings to curtail the issue. Likewise, no attempt has been made to bring back the contractor on site to complete the project started in 2001.

The appropriate authorities in the district and region are been called upon to help rebuild the ‘walls of the school’. The School which would be celebrating her 120th anniversary in February deserves better. Students and Teachers at the School also deserve better.

Old students and individuals are also called upon to help put the school in good shape, as students cannot continue studying under rented canopies.

Below are some pictures of the situation

Watch the video footage of the situation below( video Credit: ODM TV)

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