Seventy-One Nursing and Midwifery College Students Repeated Over Poor GPA


In a bid to ensure excellence in nursing and midwifery education, Dormaa Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College in the Bono Region of Ghana has required seventy-one (71) first-year students to repeat the academic year.

This decision was taken as their grade point average (GPA) failed to meet the minimum requirement of 1.0.

Dr. Agyeman-Prempeh Charles, the principal of the college, has clarified that this measure has been implemented to offer these students an opportunity to improve their academic standing and catch up with their peers.

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“By repeating the year, the college aims to contribute to the education and development of qualified nurses and midwives in the future”, he elucidated.

The stringent academic requirements set by the college reflect its commitment to producing graduates who meet the standards and expectations of the healthcare profession.

Dr. Agyeman-Prempeh Charles stated, “There are established guidelines and policies at the school, such as the need to achieve a cumulative grade point by the end of the first year to progress to the next. This is a common practice in educational institutions. If the GPA falls below 1.0, repetition becomes necessary.”

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Emphasizing the importance of ensuring comprehensive learning outcomes, Dr. Agyeman-Prempeh Charles contended that if the students are being taught lifesaving procedures, it is crucial to provide them with the opportunity to repeat and improve their academic performance.

It should be noted that the principal has not expelled any of the students in question.

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