Save Ghana Football Demonstration Kicks Off Amidst Valentine’s Day Celebrations


14th February is traditionally reserved for expressions of love and romance, however, there is a demonstration set to take place in Accra.

Dubbed ‘Save Ghana Football’, sports journalists are gearing up to protest against the perceived failures of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Sports Ministry in developing the country’s sports sector.

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While the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with gestures of love and affection, the focus in Accra will be on demanding accountability and improvement in Ghana’s football landscape.

Concerns have been raised about the poor performance of the national football team, the Black Stars, in recent African Cup of Nations tournaments, as well as the decline of juvenile football development in the country.

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Moreover, there is frustration over the lack of suitable venues in Ghana to host international competitions, highlighting a significant gap in the country’s sports infrastructure.

Reports of bribery and corruption within the management of the Black Stars have also fueled discontent among sports enthusiasts and journalists.

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The demonstration aims to shed light on these pressing issues and push for reforms in sports administration to combat nepotism, corruption, and unethical practices.

Despite the challenges faced by Ghanaian football, there is hope that collective efforts from citizens, journalists, and sports enthusiasts will pave the way for a revival of the country’s footballing prowess.

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