Richard Erzoah of Enchi College of Education is out with another poem, “Our Own”


Short Commentary

The Poem “Our Own seeks to revive the patriotic and nationalistic feeling of Ghanaians and Africa as a whole to preserve and protect our land from being depleted and end water pollution and illegal mining.

The writer(Richard Erzoah) through his empathetic feeling and displeasure in the current manipulation of our African environment in a deteriorating manner by natives and foreigners calls for a halt and revitalize African consciousness on the need to cherish our land, protect it for our future generations, and from the hands of Aliens.

Below is the poem, read and meditate.

  1. Our own must be cherished
    The land is Our own
    The waters are Our own
    The sweet is ours
    Heaven’s gift in our custodian
    Must be protected
    The black soil must be there for our offspring.
  2. The soil that went through the sweat and blood of selfless Black Lions and Sheep
    Our own must not be another man’s property
    The water they say is life,
    The Rivers of Africa cry
    In the hands of greedy native Sons and villainous aliens.
    How can we destroy our future life in a second for a mirage of ecstasy?
    Our life diminish in the poisoned machinery waters
    Our own must be preserved.
  3. What are we doing to our own?
    What will we tell our selfless sacrificial Lambs who are gone?
    Who maintained the land till our days of self-wickedness and doom
    What will be the quenching of the thirst of our coming generations?
    We can’t run to the Aliens’ Island, Our own is Our own
    Let’s cherish our Own and protect it
    Water is life
    The rivers of Africa are Our Own.
Author: Richard Erzoah
Enchi College of Education.
BED JHS Education
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