Urgent Action Needed to Address Infrastructural Deficits In Schools – NUGS

Dr. Sylvester Amoako, NUGS President Hopeful, 2023
Dr. Sylvester Owusu Amoako, NUGS President Hopeful, 2023

Educational institutions in Ghana are in dire need of attention due to the significant infrastructural deficit plaguing them.

The current state of some facilities is appalling, and immediate repairs are necessary. Others require expansion to accommodate the increasing number of students and ensure the quality of education is maintained.

The issue isn’t limited to tertiary institutions but also impacts primary and secondary schools, making it crucial to address the infrastructural deficits to provide all Ghanaian students with access to quality education.

The National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) led by Mr. Dennis Larbi has taken the lead in advocating for the revamping of education in Ghana.

On 16th March 2023, the organization led a placard demonstration calling on the Ghanaian government to uncap the GETFUND.

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NUGS President hopeful for 2023, Dr. Sylvester Owusu Amoako, also joined the demonstration, urging all stakeholders to work together to provide equitable access to essential resources for all levels of education.

Speaking to Coleman Publication, he stated;

“As Ghanaian students, we must work together to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of our nation. We must continue to demand action until the government addresses the infrastructural deficits in our educational institutions”

Dr. Amoako concluded by asserting that, with concerted efforts the union can achieve a better future for all Ghanaian students.

He therefore called on all to Join the struggle until victory is assured!

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