Requirements for GES Recruitment


To secure employment with the Ghana Education Service (GES), trained teachers from the various colleges of education and Universities would be required to meet specific documentation requirements.

These requirements include both personal identification documents and educational certificates.

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Headquarters/National Level

At the Headquarters/National level, applicants would be required to provide their;

  1. College Index Number
  2. NSS Number
  3. NTC ID
  4. Gh Card Number.

These documents are essential for verification and identification purposes.

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Region Level Requirements

At the Region level, applicants would be required to submit their;

  1. Appointment Letter (coloured original)
  2. Acceptance Letter (original)
  3. College Certificate
  4. WASSCE Certificate
  5. JHS Certificate (if demanded)
  6. NSS Certificate
  7. NTC License Certificate
  8. Medical Report, Birth Certificate
  9. Ghana Card
  10. Voter ID
  11. SNNIT Number

These documents are necessary to confirm eligibility and qualifications.

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District Level Requirement

At the District level, applicants would be required to provide four copies of each of the following documents:

  1. Appointment Letter (coloured original)
  2. Assumption of Duty (to be provided by the posted school)
  3. Acceptance Letter (original)
  4. College Certificate
  5. WASSCE Certificate
  6. JHS Certificate (if demanded)
  7. NSS Certificate
  8. NTC License Certificate
  9. Medical Report
  10. Birth Certificate
  11. Ghana Card
  12. Voter ID
  13. SNNIT Number

These documents are crucial for the district-level employment process.

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It is important to note that these requirements may be subject to change, and individuals are advised to stay informed about any updates.

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