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Questions and Answers On the Book “the Blinkards” by Kobina Sekyi


The following are some questions and answers on the book “The Blinkards” by Kobina Sekyi.

Kindly go through as you prepare for your examination

  1. “The Blinkards” is a play which satirizes?
    a. Colonization
    b. Western Culture
    c. The blind imitation of the western culture
    d. Supremacy of the African Culture
  2. The play “the blinkards” was first published in?
    a. 1915
    b. 1995
    c. 1945
    d. 1975
  3. The play condemns the……………………?
    a. Rejection of the western culture
    b. Adoption of African tradition
    c. Outmoded culture practices
    d. Rejection of African values by western-oriented Africans
  4. “The blinkards” is a good example of ……………?
    a. Irony
    b. Satire
    c. Dirge
    d. Tragedy
  5. The play begins with Mrs. Brofosem
    a. Teaching natives the western culture
    b. Mocking African beliefs
    c. Having just returned from England
    d. Singing a western song
  6. Which of these characters is seen by natives as a model of fashion, behavior, ethics, and conducts?
    a. Mr. Okadu
    b. Mrs. Onyimdze
    c. Mrs. Brofosem
    d. Miss Tsiba
  7. Mrs. Brofosem pressurizes her husband to………………….?
    a. Marry another wife
    b. Adopt the English way of life
    c. Make more money
    d. Travel oversea
  8. Who is the cocoa magnate who sent his daughter to Mrs. Brofosem to teach her the ways of the whiteman?
    a. Mr. Onyimdzi
    b. Mr. Tsiba
    c. Mr. Gush
    d. Mrs. Mansa
  9. Who is Mr. Tsiba’s daughter?
    a. Araba Koomson
    b. Okadu
    c. Adjoa
    d. Araba Mansa
  10. Mr. Tsiba in his quest to make Araba Mansa appear western changed her name from Araba Mansa to?
    a. Victoria
    b. Seaborn
    c. Barbara Enimintrude
    d. Elizabeth
  11. Why did Mr. Tsiba change the name of his daughter before sending her to Mrs. Brofosem?
    a. He is not her biological father
    b. He had issues with her mother
    c. He feared Mrs. Brofosem will reject her if she has an African name
    d. He wanted his daughter’s name to be more African
  12. The young man who wants to marry Mrs. Tsiba is called?
    a. Mr. Okadu
    b. Mr. Gush
    c. Mr. Onyimdze
    d. Mr. Brofosem
  13. ……………………………………………. Is a British trained lawyer and a typical African who loves nothing but his African Culture.
    a. Mr. Gush
    b. Mr. Hastings
    c. Mr. Onyimdze
    d. Mrs. Pilkings
  14. “The Blinkards” can best be described as a/an?
    a. Comedy
    b. Tragedy
    c. Tragi-comedy
    d. Eponymous book
  15. Who/Where did Mr. Okadu go to learn English Mannerisms?
    a. Victoria Park
    b. Mr. Onyimdze
    c. Mrs. Brofosem
    d. The school
  16. The garden party took place in?
    a. Victoria park
    b. Aburi Garden
    c. Kakum park
    d. Mole National Park
  17. Mrs. Brofosem English mannerisms contrast sharply with that of?
    a. Mr. Okadu
    b. Mr. onyimdze
    c. Mr. Tsiba
    d. Mr. Brofosem
  18. How does Mr. Tsiba find Mrs. Brofosem’s so called European wedding?
    a. Funny and Expensive
    b. Strange and attractive
    c. Awkward and nonsensical
    d. Civilized and modern
  19. Why do the natives despise Dr. Onwieyie despite him being a qualified medical doctor?
    a. He is a quack doctor
    b. He likes administering injection
    c. He is lazy
    d. They don’t believe that an African can do any good in medicine
  20. Why was Miss Tsiba and Mrs. Okadu’s wedding annulled by the British court?
    a. Because of Miss Tsiba’s illegitimate pregnancy
    b. The marriage did not have approval of the native customary laws
    c. The marriage was not blessed by a pastor
    d. The marriage ceremony was quick.
  21. The play ends with characters such as Mr. Tsiba, Mr. and Mrs Brofosem coming to the realization that?
    a. Africans are uncivilized
    b. Africans are not creative and intelligent
    c. European is supreme
    d. Native laws, customers and culture are better than that of the Europeans.
  22. Mr. Brofosem is seen as the model of?
    a. Ideal life
    b. Civilized life
    c. Mannerism
    d. Society
  23. The playwright criticizes the blind imitation of everything?
    a. Western
    b. African
    c. Native
    d. Local
  24. The overriding theme of the play is?
    a. Ignorance
    b. Blind imitation of foreign culture
    c. Slavery
    d. Oppression
  25. The play presents a conflict between?
    a. Men and women
    b. Young And Old
    c. Chiefs
    d. Traditional and Modernity
  26. The play attains its climax when?
    a. Mrs. Brofosem arrival in Gold Coast
    b. The marriage between Mrs. Tsiba and Okadu was annulled.
    c. The British council supported the Afrcan
    d. Mrs. Onyimdze meet Mrs. Brofosem
  27. Which of the following devices does the playwright use extensively?
    a. Charactonym
    b. Paradox
    c. Dramatic irony
    d. Situation irony
  28. In Kobina Sekyi’s “the blinkards” used as a tool to ridicule characters and offer cosmic?
    a. Clowns
    b. Skits
    c. Comedy
    d. Tragi-comedy
  29. Which of the three dramatic techniques is extensively used to draw a sharp difference in ideas in the play?
    a. Suspense
    b. Flashback
    c. Dramatic irony
    d. Contrast
  30. Which of these characters is a competent lawyer who had his training in English?
    a. Mr. Onyimdze
    b. Mr. Okadu
    c. Mr. Tsiba
    d. Mr. Brofosem
  31. Which of these characters is a supporter of native culture?
    a. Mr. Brofosem
    b. Mrs. Brofosem
    c. Mr. Tsiba
    d. Mr. Onyimdze
  32. In Kobina Sekyi’s “the Blinkards” Mrs. Brofosem is depicted as ?
    a. Blind Imitators
    b. An Ignorant person
    c. Discontented person
    d. An indecent person
  33. Who is the wife of ?
    a. Akua
    b. Adjoa
    c. Nna Sompa
    d. Nana Katawera.
  34. The things Mrs. Brofosem taught Miss Tsiba eventually led to her?
    a. Dead
    b. Madness
    c. Weakness
    d. Illegitimate Pregnancy

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Section B

Questions and Answers on “The Blinkards” by Kobina Sekyi

Question 1: What is the central theme of the novel?

Answer: The consequences of Westernization and cultural assimilation on traditional African society.

Question 2: Who is the protagonist of the novel?

Answer: Mrs. Brofosem, , Western-educated woman who returns to her village.

Question 3: What is the significance of the title “The Blinkards”?

Answer: It refers to the villagers who blindly follow Western values and customs without fully understanding their consequences.

Question 4: How does Mrs. Brofosem return impact the village?

Answer: Her modern and progressive ideas challenge traditional beliefs and practices, causing conflict and division.

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Question 5: What lesson does the novel teach about the dangers of cultural assimilation?

Answer: Societies that blindly embrace foreign values and customs risk losing their own cultural heritage and undermining their collective identity.

Question 6: How is the novel still relevant today?

Answer: It continues to explore themes of globalization, cultural identity, and the consequences of modernization, which remain pertinent in a rapidly changing world.

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