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Questions And Answers On The Book “A Man Of The People”

The answers to the multiple-choice items are in red. Additionally, there are theoretical questions at the end that you must attempt.
The answers to the multiple-choice items are in red. Additionally, there are theoretical questions at the end that you must attempt.

The following questions and answers are based on the book “A Man of the People” by Chinua Achebe.

The answers to the multiple-choice items are in red.

Additionally, there are theoretical questions at the end that you must attempt.

  1. The title of the book can be said to be?
    a. Paradoxical
    b. Ironical
    c. Metaphorical
    d. Eponymous
  2. Who is often referred to as the man of the people?
    a. Odili Samalu
    b. Josiah
    c. Jonathan Nwege
    d. Chief Nanga
  3. A man of the people was first published in the year?
    a. 1990
    b. 1996
    c. 1954
    d. 2001
  4. Who is the narrator of the story?
    a. Odili
    b. Chinua Achebe
    c. Chief Nanga
    d. Mr. Nwege
  5. Before venturing into politics, Chief Nanga was a?
    a. Police man
    b. Lawyer
    c. Teacher
    d. Farmer
  6. The novelist begins the novel by exposing the…………………of the people of Anata.
    a. Ignorance
    b. Hypocrisy
    c. Love for education
    d. Patriotism
  7. Who is the story teller?
    a. Josiah
    b. Chief Nanga
    c. Mrs. Anata
    d. Odili Samalu
  8. A man of the people is a classic example of a?
    a. Satire
    b. Comedy
    c. Tragedy
    d. Tragi-comedy
  9. When Chief Nanga was a teacher at Anata Grammer School, Odili was in?
    a. Class three
    b. Basic three
    c. Form three
    d. Standard three
  10. Who is the Headmistress of Anata Grammar School?
    a. Josiah
    b. Mr. Jonathan Nwege
    c. Mr. Azoge
    d. Maxwell
  11. Chief Nanga is the minister of?
    a. Chieftaincy and Local Affairs
    b. Rural and Urban Development
    c. Foreign Affairs
    d. Culture
  12. Odili is the son of?
    a. Mr. Nwege
    b. Hezekiah Samalu
    c. Maxwell Kulamo
    d. Azoge
  13. Which of these characters is depicted as a revolutionist?
    a. Justice Maxwell
    b. Chief Nanga
    c. Anata
    d. Odili
  14. All but one of these makes Chief Nanga an unlikable protagonist. He is…………….?
    a. Selfish
    b. Charismatic
    c. Irresponsible
    d. Corrupt
  15. Which of these characters was forced to marry Chief Nanga?
    a. Joyce Odo
    b. Agatha Odo
    c. Edna Odo
    d. Azoge Odo
  16. Who was the former interpreter of the colonialist?
    a. Josiah
    b. Maxwell
    c. Hezekiah Samalu
    d. Gramphone
  17. Maxwell is a …………………by profession
    a. Doctor
    b. Lawyer
    c. Driver
    d. Politician
  18. Eunice revenged her fiancés death by?
    a. Shooting Chief koko
    b. Fighting Chief Koko in Court
    c. Making sure Chief Koko is arrested
    d. Exposing his killers
  19. Hon. T.C Kobino is the minister of?
    a. Finance
    b. Labour
    c. Housing
    d. Public Construction
  20. Jean and John are advisors of?
    a. Government
    b. Opposition party
    c. Village
    d. Minority
  21. The novel ends with a?
    a. Prologue
    b. Epilogue
    c. Satire
    d. Military takeover
  22. The blind beggar at Anata is known as?
    a. Azoge
    b. Nwege
    c. Josiah
    d. Koko
  23. All the following are themes of the novel excepts?
    a. Ignorance
    b. Widespread corruption
    c. Colonialism
    d. Betrayal of public trust
  24. How many chapters has the novel?
    a. 13
    b. 15
    c. 14
    d. 17
  25. Chief Nanga’s village is called?
    a. Bori
    b. Kori
    c. Anata
    d. Kalu
  26. Which of these characters was once a scout master?
    a. Chief Nanga
    b. Odili
    c. Josiah
    d. Chief Koko
  27. The novel is set in post independent?
    a. Ghana
    b. Nigeria
    c. Sierra Leone
    d. Libya
  28. What did chieg Nanga offer Odili to step down for him in the elections?
    a. A car and money
    b. A house and money
    c. A wife and house
    d. A scholarship and money
  29. Chief Nanga is presented to us as an infidel and a chronic?
    a. Talkative
    b. Womanizer
    c. Fool
    d. Influenza
  30. Odili changes the trajectory of his life from teaching into politics after?
    a. Leaving the university
    b. Fighting with his headmaster
    c. Meeting chief Nanga
    d. Being sacked from the school
  31. Which of these characters is vehemently against corruption?
    a. Odili
    b. Chief Simon
    c. Chief koko
    d. Josiah
  32. Why does odili seek to bring Chief Nanga down?
    a. Chief is a corrupt fellow
    b. Chief spent his money
    c. Chief destroyed his connections
    d. Chief slept with his girlfriend
  33. Odili is a member and founder of?
    a. Active Citizens Party
    b. Common People’s Party
    c. Progressive People’s Party
    d. National Conversation Party
  34. Why did Odili lose his job?
    a. He was irresponsible
    b. He wasn’t productive
    c. He fought his superiors
    d. He contested against chief Nanaga in an election
  35. Which political party was founded to overthrow P.O.P from power?
    a. Active Citizens Party
    b. Common People’s Party
    c. Progressive People’s Party
    d. National Convention Party
  36. Who is the minister of overseas training?
    a. Chief Josiah
    b. Chief Simon Koko
    c. Maxwell
    d. Dr. Makinde
  37. All the following characters are corrupt in one way or the other except?
    a. Chief Koko
    b. Chief Simon
    c. Odili
    d. Josiah
  38. What did Maxwell do with the money offered to him by Chief Koko to step down during the election?
    a. He bought a car
    b. He bought a house
    c. He hired a mini bus for campaign
    d. He returned the money
  39. Who was the poet laureate of their school?
    a. Chief Nanga
    b. Jonathan Nwege
    c. Dr. Makinde
    d. Maxwell
  40. Who is Maxwell’s fiancé?
    a. Edna
    b. Eunice
    c. Agatha
    d. Joyce
  41. Who killed Chief Simon Koko?
    a. Nanga Youth Vanguard
    b. The angry workers
    c. The rebels
    d. Eunice
  42. How many children does Hezekiah Salamu have?
    a. 15
    b. 23
    c. 30
    d. 35
  43. Why was Hezekiah Salamu hated by many people?
    a. He doesn’t respect
    b. He is very hostile
    c. He was the district interpreter during the colonial era
    d. He looks down upon the people
  44. Why did Hezekiah Samalu lose his chairmanship position?
    a. He was incompetent
    b. He was irresponsible
    c. He was unreliable
    d. He allowed the CPC to launch their campaign on his ground
  45. Who is Margareth Nanga?
    a. Nanga’s wife
    b. Nanga’s sister
    c. Nanga’s daughter
    d. Nanga’s girlfriend
  46. Who is Dr. Makinde?
    a. The minister of housing
    b. The minister of sports
    c. The minister of finance
    d. The minister of tourism
  47. What is the role of the Nanga Youth Vanguard or Nangavanga?
    a. Organizes clean up exercises
    b. Sensitize the public
    c. Explain the polices of government
    d. Cause trouble to the opponent pf chief Nanga.
  48. Why did Josiah run bankrupt?
    a. The villagers refused to buy from him
    b. He is a spendthrift
    c. He is not economical
    d. He doesn’t have a budget

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Sample Theory Questions on the Book “A Man of the People” . Try Your Hands On them
Character Analysis
  • Describe the main protagonist, Odili Samalu, and discuss his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze the character of Chief Nanga and explain how he represents the dangers of political corruption.
  • Discuss the main theme of “A Man of the People” and provide examples from the novel to support your analysis.
  • Explore the theme of education and its role in the development of society.
  • Describe the setting of the novel and explain how it contributes to the story’s atmosphere and themes.
  • Discuss the significance of the village of Anata and its role in Odili’s journey.
  • Summarize the main events of the novel and discuss their impact on the characters.
  • Analyze the climax of the novel and explain how it resolves the central conflict.
  • Discuss the author’s use of satire and humor in the novel.
  • Analyze the use of language and imagery in “A Man of the People.”

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  • Compare and contrast “A Man of the People” with another African novel that explores similar themes.
  • Discuss the similarities and differences between the two novels in terms of setting, characters, and themes.
Personal Response
  • How did “A Man of the People” affect you as a reader?
  • What do you think the novel’s message is and how does it relate to contemporary society?
  • Research the historical and political context of “A Man of the People.”
  • Discuss the author’s life and career and explain how they influenced the novel.
Creative Response
  • Write a short story or poem that explores one of the themes of “A Man of the People.”
  • Create a visual representation of a scene or character from the novel.
Discussion Questions
  • Do you agree with Odili’s assessment of Nigerian society?
  • What are the lessons that can be learned from “A Man of the People” about the dangers of political corruption?
  • How does the novel challenge traditional notions of heroism and leadership?
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