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Qualifications Required to Teach in College of Education

Ghana's Colleges of Education (CoE) have established specific requirements for individuals aspiring to become lecturers and administrative staff.
Ghana's Colleges of Education (CoE) have established specific requirements for individuals aspiring to become lecturers and administrative staff.

To lecture at the College of Education (CoE) in Ghana, applicants are required to have a minimum of a second degree (Master of Philosophy Degree) in the relevant subject area.

A preference is given to Master of Philosophy (MPhil) holders due to its research-orientation, while a Ph.D. is considered an added advantage.

The first degree must also be in the same subject, and applicants must have an Education Studies background in their first degree.

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Appointments to the position of Tutor are typically for a term of five years and may be renewed for a second term upon satisfactory performance.

A tutor’s appointment may be renewed up to a maximum of three terms, totaling fifteen years, after which the appointment may be terminated unless the applicant qualifies for promotion to a senior tutor position.

College Principal

The Principal of the College serves as the Academic and Administrative Head and is responsible for organizing and conducting the academic, financial, and administrative businesses of the College.

Qualifications and Experience

The following qualifications and experience are required for applicants aiming for the role of College Principal:

  1. Advanced Research Degree: Applicants should possess an advanced research degree, with preference given to those with a Ph.D.
  2. Distinguished Master Teacher and Scholar: Good character, high personal integrity, and a distinguished track record as a master teacher and scholar in teaching and learning are essential qualities.
  3. Senior Lecturer or Principal Tutor: Applicants must be at least a Senior Lecturer or a Principal Tutor in a College of Education or hold a comparable grade in a similar institution/organization.
  4. Knowledge of Administrative and Academic Issues: In-depth knowledge of administrative, academic, and current issues in Colleges of Education is necessary.
Skills and Abilities:

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Applicants for the College Principal position should provide evidence of the following skills and abilities:

  1. College Management: Demonstrable capacity to manage the College of Education effectively.
  2. Interpersonal Relations: Ability to foster and promote positive internal and external relationships within the College.
  3. Brand Projection: Skill in projecting the image of the College effectively both locally and internationally.
  4. Visionary Leadership: Proven capacity to provide strong, visionary leadership and innovation.
  5. Age Limit: Applicants should not be over 55 years old at the time of application.
  6. Tertiary Education Knowledge: Extensive knowledge and experience in tertiary education will be considered an advantage.
  7. Resource Development: Strong innovative abilities in the development of human and physical resources of the College.

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Tenure of Office

Full-time appointments are typically four years in the first instance and may be renewed for a further term of four years only after outstanding performance on the job.

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