Proposals from PRINCOF To Government on Trainees’ Feeding Component


Despite the hike in prices of goods and services, Principals of Colleges of Education are to continue feeding trainees three square meals a day at Gh¢6.50.

According to PRINCOF, feeding trainees quality meals with such an amount in this ‘current’ economy is frustrating.

Given that, The Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education has made proposals to the government to either give all the GH¢400.00 stipends to trainees to fend for themselves or feed trainees twice a day, which is believed to still be a challenge.


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The three proposals from PRINCOF to the government are as follows;

  1. The government should disburse the total GH¢400.00 allowance to students so they fend for themselves.
  2. Trainees to top up the feeding component from the Gh¢ 200.00 disbursed to them
  3. Trainees should receive their GH¢200.00 and the feeding component will be the same amount as it used to be but, feeding will be two (2) times daily.


As a teacher trainee, which of the recommendations will you go for?

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Derviire Charles
Derviire Charles
10 months ago

We should be fed twice a day and still give us our stipend